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Requirements to work at the polls in Bradley County

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What is required of a poll worker?

*Be available for the entire Election Day.
*Work from 6:30am until all work is complete. Polls close at 8:00 pm.
*Attend poll worker training school before elections.

When am I needed?
*We need you whenever elections are scheduled.

Is there training?
*The Administrator of Elections will train all clerks and poll workers prior to each
 election. You will be trained
in the operation of Microvote Machine, plus your
 duties and responsibilities as an election official. In total, the training will be
 about 1 hour long and attendance at these training schools is mandatory.

What are the responsibilities of a poll worker?
*Report at 6:30am am at your assigned precinct. Prepare the precinct for voting.
 Set up voting equipment. Greet the voters. Verify their registration and provide
 them with the appropriate ballot. At the end of the day, close the precinct and
 prepare election materials for delivery to the Election Commission Office.

Will I work in my precinct?
If possible, we will assign you to your precinct or close by. However you must
 to be able to work at any precinct.

How much will I be paid?
*Officer $115.00
*Registrar $95.00
*Judge $95.00
*School Training $15.00

How do I apply?
*Please click here to open the pollworker.PDF form and print it out. Fill out the form and you can Fax: (423)728-7116 , or bring it to our office to apply.

*Please click here for Student Application

Have you moved?
*Protect your right to vote. Contact the Bradley County Election Commission
 Office to get instructions to update your address.

Please contact our office at (423) 728-7115

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