Military/Overseas Absentee Voting

Who may apply to vote absentee under T.C.A. ยง 2-6-502 statute ?

To vote pursuant to the above statute, an individual must fall into one of the following categories:

  1. MILITARY PERSONNEL: Persons who are United States citizens, residents of Tennessee and members of the Uniformed Services (i.e., armed forces personnel), and their family members
  2. CIVILIANS OUTSIDE U.S.: Persons who are United States citizens, residents of Tennessee, and who are currently residing overseas

Must I already be a registered voter to vote in Tennessee pursuant to this provision?

No. If you meet the qualifications to register to vote in Tennessee but have not registered prior to requesting an absentee ballot and you fall into one of the above categories, your application for absentee ballot will be treated as an application for temporary registration.

If you are in the military or living overseas and wish to vote pursuant to this statute, please use a Form 76 which is available on base from the voting assistance officer or from the U.S. Embassy. If you are unable to obtain a Form 76, you may submit a written request as outlined in the Absentee Voting section.

Click Here For Form 76 (FPCA)

If you wish to vote in a primary election the request must state which political party.

It is important to notify us if your address changes, you will be mailed ballots for each election during one calendar year.