Work At The Polls

Thank you for your interest in serving as a poll worker!

Your participation in our democratic process is essential as our nation seeks to fulfill its pledge of “one nation…with liberty and justice for all.” Once selected and trained to serve the public by working at one of Bradley County’s polling precincts, you will be an important member of our election team.

Election days can sometimes be demanding, but at the end of the day you can be proud of a job well done. You will know that your service has helped to advance the cause of democracy, a right that many of us sometimes take for granted.

Join us!

Fran Green
Administrator of Elections
Bradley County

Requirements to work at the polls in Bradley County

What is required of a poll worker?

  • Be available and prepared to stay for the entire Election Day.
  • Work day begins at 6:30am, polls close at 8:00 pm. However, the work day is not complete until all voters have voted and poll-closing duties have been completed.
  • Must attend mandatory poll worker training.
  • Have reliable transportation.

When am I needed?

  • We need you whenever elections are scheduled.

Is there training?

  • The Administrator of Elections will train all clerks and poll workers prior to each election. You will be trained in the operation of Microvote Machines, plus your duties and responsibilities as an election official. Attendance at the training school is mandatory. Plan for an approximately 2 hour training session that will be scheduled prior to each election.

What are the responsibilities of a poll worker?

  • Report at 6:30am at your assigned precinct.
  • Prepare the precinct for voting, including set up of equipment.
  • Verify voter’s registration, identification, and provide them with the appropriate ballot.
  • Close the precinct by packing and loading election materials for delivery back to the Election Commission Office.
  • The precinct officer will release workers upon completion of all tasks.

Will I work in my precinct?

  • If possible, we will assign you to your nearest precinct. However, you must be able to work at any precinct.

How much will I be paid?

  • Officer $135.00
  • Registrar $120.00
  • Judge $120.00
  • School Training $25.00

How do I apply?

Click Here To Complete The Poll Worker Application Form

-Submit the form above or come by our office to apply